Dog Walking

All of our clients dogs are walked in small groups, maximum of two dogs per walker to ensure we can give all the care and attention they deserve. We alternate our dog walking routes around Chester to provide different experiences for your dog, also suitable walks for the varying weather conditions.

We take dog walking very seriously regarding social etiquette and pick up and bag all deposits made by your pets. We supply our own bags for this purpose. Dogs are  walked in small  groups for thirty minutes, a maximum of two dogs per walker to ensure we can give them all the care and attention they deserve. One to one walks may be arranged subject to availability.

 Due to safety and insurance purposes your dog will NOT be allowed off the lead.  He may well return safely to you but not necessarily to someone he does not know very well. All too often we hear of dogs going astray in and around Chester who were being walked off lead. We do however, have extending leads available for use in safe areas, to enable them to have a controlled run about and believe me they get just as much enjoyment but remain safe.  

Your dogs vaccinations must be up to date and we would be very grateful if you would have the certificate ready for inspection at the time of your Consultation visit. This is vitally important as we will be in contact with many other dogs, including our own, during the course of the day. Also make sure your dog's flea and tick treatments are up to date. Dogs must also be adequately tagged with your pets name and owner / vets contact details, this is a requirement by current law.

Dog walking with Animates pet sitting and dog walking is your pets fun time of the day when you can't be there for him. 

When the owner is away the dogs can still play.......